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When considering a bathroom renovation project, one of the most costly and time consuming aspects can be the removal and replacement of the bathtub and shower surround. Built in place, heavy and difficult to dispose of, bathtubs and surrounds pose problems not found with other home renovation projects.

If your existing bathtub/shower is damaged, worn out, difficult to clean or simply a colour from years gone by, let the professionals at Trent Refinishing rejuvenate the look and feel at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Whether your shower is tile, acrylic or fiberglass, part of the tub or a stand-alone, Trent Refinishing is able to refinish the surface in your choice of one of our designer granite look colours or in a solid colour such as white, biscuit, bone or almond to match your bathtub.

With Trent Refinishing ultra-hard, ultra-durable process, your bathtub and tub surround can be revitalized with no dust, no mess and no demolition of walls and floors. Our unique process transforms your old and worn bathtub into a beautiful new looking bathroom feature in a matter of hours not weeks.

Bathtub Refursacing and Reglazing Campbellford ON

Before resurfacing your bathtub or tub surround, Trent Refinishing thoroughly cleans the surface, removing any oil, grease and soap residue. Following this, we inspect and repair any chips and surface imperfections. Once smooth and chip free, Trent Refinishing applies a proprietary bonding agent followed by our surface coating, resulting in a long lasting beautiful finish.

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An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Bathroom renovations often produce hundreds of pounds of scrap building material that has no other place to go then to landfill. Restoring your existing bathtub and tub surround reduces landfill requirements resulting in a cleaner and healthier future for everyone.

Enjoy Sooner Rather Than Later

With a makeover of your bathtub and tub surround, you and your family can be enjoying your new bathroom weeks sooner than would be possible with removal and replacement of these fixtures

Update the colour of your Bathtub, Shower, Tile, Countertop and Sink!

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Bathtub Reglazing Campbellford ON

Bathtub Refinishing

Shower Reglazing Campbellford ON

Shower Resurfacing

Tile Reglazing Campbellford ON

Tile Reglazing

Sink Reglazing Campbellford ON

Sink and Countertop Resurfacing

Here’s what we do:

  • Remove your old caulking from around the tub and/or shower
  • Repair any damage you have to the existing bathtub/shower and thoroughly clean to remove any soap scum from the surface
  • Mask off the surrounding areas
  • Spray a two part compound designed to bond to the existing bathtub/shower
  • Spray a two part acrylic enamel especially designed topcoat in a beautiful gloss finish
  • Apply an anti-slip coating (optional)
  • Remove the masking
  • Re-caulk your tub/shower (optional)

How to prepare for our arrival:

  1. Clear everything off your bathtub/shower
  2. Ensure that you do not have a leaky tap or shower head
  3. Remove items such as curtains, towels, etc… from the bathroom if they are within 3 to 4 feet of the countertop

Once resurfacing has been completed:

  1. Wait 24 hours before using
  2. Cleaning your bathtub/shower is easy, any household cleaners that do not contain bleach or abrasives can be used
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Some of Our Work ...

Bathtub & Tile Resurfacing - Before

Tub Refinishing Campbellford ON Tub Resurfacing Campbellford ON Tub Reglazing Campbellford ON Tub Surround Restoration Campbellford ON Tub Refacing Campbellford ON Tub Restoration Campbellford ON Tile Refinishing Campbellford ON Tile Reglazing Campbellford ON

Bathtub & Tile Resurfacing - After

Bathtub Refinishing Campbellford ON Bathtub Resurfacing Campbellford ON Bathtub Reglazing Campbellford ON Tub Surround Refinishing, Resurfacing and Reglazing Campbellford ON Bathtub Refacing Campbellford ON Bathtub Restoration Campbellford ON Bathroom Tile Refinishing Campbellford ON Bathroom Tile Reglazing Campbellford ON

Shower Resurfacing - Before

Shower Stall Reglazing Campbellford, ON Shower Stall Restoration Campbellford, ON Shower Restoration Campbellford, ON

Shower Resurfacing - After

Shower Stall Reglazing Campbellford, ON Shower Stall Resurfacing and Refinishing Campbellford ON Shower Reglazing, Resurfacing and Refinishing Campbellford ON

Sink Resurfacing - Before

Sink Restoration Campbellford ON

Sink Resurfacing - After

Sink Reglazing, Resurfacing and Refinishing Campbellford ON

Countertop Resurfacing - Before

Tile Resurfacing Campbellford ON Bathroom Countertop Makeovers Campbellford ON Bathroom Countertop Refacing Campbellford ON Tile Restoration Campbellford ON Bathroom Countertop Restoration Campbellford ON

Countertop Resurfacing - After

Bathroom Tile Resurfacing Campbellford ON Bathroom Countertop Refinishing Campbellford ON Bathroom Countertop Resurfacing Campbellford ON Bathroom Tile Restoration Campbellford ON Bathroom Countertop Reglazing Campbellford ON

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